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Although we have a political system that leans toward democratic representation, in actuallity what type of representation do we, as citizens really have?

Well, take a look, what do you see - a bunch of self-centered ego maniacs at the wheel. It is no wonder the U. S. is in the position it is in - toooooo much government.


It seems the left centimes to suffer for two maladies:
  • Collusion Delusion and
  • Obstruction Seduction
caused by believing false news and reports from the left leaning politicians and media.

These two diseases are curable if those infected open their mind and seek truthful news and reporting. However, one must keep in mind the ultimate goal of the left is to destroy a duly elected president and regain power.


History is studied to avoid making the same mistakes made in the past. Today, however, it seems history's lessons are not studied or are ignored.

Socialism is on the rise due to a lack of emphasis on history in all levels of education. There is too much emphasis on liberal ideas being taught in the schools.

Ideas that neglect the failure of socialism on every front for lack of freedom to unsurvivable conditions placed on the populace.

The mainstream media provides little to no reporting on the effects of socialism - Venezuela is a perfect example.


The time has come for the middle of the road members of society to kick out both extremes out of government - the left and the right!

Unless the people start to take back what has been usurped from them, the way of life in America will come to a screeching halt for which the common man will only have himself to blame.

What does it take for one to realize the extremes of the current crop of liberals

What does it take before the people understand the position of these leftist is an unworkable system. The USSR collapsed because the system could not provide for the majority of the populace, unlike the U.S. where we provide for a great majority of the people.

No, the democratic system in American is not perfect, but until you show me something better, I will have to say it is the best available.

Communism does not work because the human animal, whether he likes it or not, thrives on competition and communism does not provide for a competitive society (that is unless you are striving to be the leader)! And where do we place the liberal left on the scale between communism and democracy, right next to, if not on top of communism.

Where do we put the extreme right wingers (fascist) on a chart of democracy and national socialism, right next to, if not on top of national socialism.

America must be tough and fair, not lean over backwards to please any small group that attempts to usurp the rights of all Americans. What does this mean, you ask. It means that no one individual is more worthy than another. It means all individuals have an equal chance to succeed. It means we do not hold down one group at the expense of another group.

And lastly, it means we consider history, but we do not accept responsibility for things we had no control over (suppression of women's rights and treatment of minorities are examples).

Do you understand America, there needs to be an uprising of the common man to make the extreme politicians, liberal press and ivory tower intellectuals take notice of 'we the people,' which would lead to change in the manner in which they govern.
jtp 1/11/2020


Is it possible for the two parties to work together for the benefit of American citizens and legal aliens? It appears not.

For the left it is nearly impossible to work with anyone whose ideas differ from their socialist agenda. After all utopia is what the socialist promise.

Trouble is the system has never worked and utopia is a myth. The only result is complete disruption of the democratic system.

One only has to study history to see the misconception and undeliverable promises of all the past and current soicalist systems!
jtp 1/6/2020


Movies today are extremely explicit and often horrifying or filled with hatred. Whatever happened to movies being pleasing and relaxing, often filled with humor.

Nothing, it seems is left to one's imagination. Students are losing their ability to think for themselves and, therefore, losing the ability imagine and be creative in their thinking.

Could this be a result of dumbing down America's educational system?

Or is it the fact socialist ideas have rotted the minds of the Hollywood elite?


Politics aside, we finally got what government needed, a business man, an outsider, a peson who keeps the campaign promises made.

We now have a robust economy, some of the lowest unemloyment figures in decades and respect around the world.

The actions of previous administrations failed the people. Concern of the politicians was self-centered.

Today, we have an administration that is concerned about the people and delivers on promises made.


In the past it didn't matter which party a politician belonged to, they basically followed the same path. Make a promise, but don't worry people will probably forget what the promise was.

Well now we have a president who is keeping his promises, though the left tries to stop him.

They disparage him, they condemn him, but the can't stop him. Many in congress work against him.

When the president sees deplorable conditions he speaks out. The only reply the opposition comes up with is "he is a racist".

The truth is, the president is working for all the peole, not just a few of the elites.

It would be interesting to know where the government money, that was earmarked to help the desolate areas, went.

It sounds like a lot of hanky panky was involved in the handling of the funds.
jtp 5/20/2019

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