Milk Cows

What is the problem with the liberal democrats that they are not willing to sit down and work out a compromise with the Republicans.   Compromise is what the two party system brings to government.   Past administrations have worked with the opposite party, giving some taking some, but in the end working out a compromise that usually worked.

Today, it is a different story with the democrats. They act like little children, actually more like spoiled brats. It is time for a change of attitude down through the ranks of the liberal democrats. &nbssp An attitude that is able to work for the people that elected them.   A time will come when the people will finally get fed up with the actions and attitudes of the current liberal administration and throw all of them out of office.

The liberal democrats, who have usurped the party, need to realize Americans are a free thinking group and do not fall into lockstep with the party leaders.   That is the biggest problem and the one problem that will bring about the liberals downfall - wanting everyone to do as they do. You cannot treat the people like a herd of milk cows where all follow the leader!

A first step would be setting term limits for both houses of Congress.   As it stands now, many (I think most) of them become ingrained in the system and continue in office when it is way past their time.   Not only that, how is it so many politicians enter with a meager net worth and end up millionaires?

People wake up to what is happening to your country.   Education is dumbing down the younger generation (except for those fortunate few - need I say who they are) and thereby creating a non-thinking populace.   You know what that is - a herd of milk cows!

The Big 2

There are 2 liberals in the U S government that think they have the answers to all the ills of the country.   The only problem is, they don't have all the answers and they are not willing to work with others who may have some of the answers.

Bi-partisanship doesn't give you all the marbles, it gives you a method of compromise with those with an opposing view.

Isn't it time to throw these liberal, do it my way or else, thinking individuals out.

Garbage pick-up is once a week, think about it!

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