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With all the fabricating of stories by the main stream media, one wonders whatever happened to truth seeking journalist who fact check before a story is published
jtp 7/4/2019

If you claim to be reporters of the news, them report the news, all the news! Reporters should not be selective in what they report to the public

If you are going to editorialize be sure readers know you are stating your opinion and not reporting the news.


There are a lot of so-called news stories coming from the NYT and WP, both of which are extreme left in their reporting. In checking some of their storesit tirns out they are either false, inaccurate or taken out of context. Whatever happen to journalist (if you can call them that) checking the sources? It is disgusting to see news manipulaed in such a manner as to give people the wrong impression.

With today's media believe nothing of what you hear and 10% (if even that much) of what you read.


Today there is little to no dignity in workmanship. Simple things like making a manhole cover the same level as the street they are installed on is beyond the workers comprehension.

With the technology available today there is no excuse for doing poor, unsatisfactory work.

But leave to those involved to make excuses. What a pitiful display of ineptitude and laziness by politicians and workers alike.

One of the results of dummying down the educational system. Trickle down theory at work - from dumb to dumber.


Little of the news today has any relevance to the daily lives of most Americans.

The sources from which the news eminates are usually unreliable

Take heed before you are caught in an never ending trap.


From time to time we are inundated with biased news, Sore losers try aany menas to regain power and status.

The problem is the left and it's biased reporting is doing nothing but destroying the fabric of American Democracy.


The news coverage today is very offbeat. You have those who think everything is wrong and America is doomed. Those who think as such should open thier minds and listen to both sides .

It is the best way to determine who is truthful and who is spewing lies.


What ever happened to truth in journalism?

It has gone they way of the mystic belief journalist do sufficient research on stories.

Sources are taken at their word as if the information from these so-called sources is, in essense, the truth without a scintilla of substantiating proof.

One has to listen to or read the news with a jaundiced eye. Taking into consideration the possible bias of the journalist.

A good example of unsubstantiated reporting has to do with a T V journalist who recently, without checking, went on to broadcast a false story about the current administration.

The false reporting was so bad it cost the so-called journalist four weeks off without pay.

In additional this journalist can no longer report on the President and his administration.


When one listens to the reporting of the day, they need to clear their heads of all the contrived stories presented.

On and on they go, acting like they (the journalist) know what you should believe. Problem is the reports are contrived to make the citizens believe there are problems with the current administration.


Oh, what a wonder it is to be perfect. Too bad people don't understand, we as humans, just like the rest of the animal world cannot be perfect. To strive for perfection is to stifle our imagiative mind and not let anything new cloud our thinking. Perfection would require one to move slowly with whatever he or she is attempting, as to move quickly might cause a mishap or mistake to happen.

Such things as striving for the ultimate goal of performing or creating a masterpiece only cause decline in the creative mind. The same applies to one's work - you should do the best you are able to and not worry about whether you are perfect or not!


When a politician makes a promise, it is usually to gain favor from the voters that are being addressed. In times past it was difficult to know exactly what was being promised to whom it was eing promised to.

Today, however, with the news available at supersonic speeds, the voters, if they want to, can access everything the politicians are promising. As a voter if you are attendive you can catch the politicians in outright lies. Its not like it used to be.

The problem is when the politicians are caught in their lies and lose an election, they become unwound and try any means to reverse the election result.

It is time to kick them out of office!

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