The left calls us deplorables
But we're really adorables

Providing for one's family
Working through the insanity

Not condemning others
Treating them like brothers

Problems can be resolved
If both sides really get involved

Talking, negotiating, resolution
Helps prevent a revolution

So keep in mind
It pays to be kind
jtp 8/29/2020


What do we hear
Tick, tock the sound is near

Time is running out
You have a growing snout

You dodge around
But, you will be found

Tcket, Tocket
You're on the docket
jtp 8/24/2020


Burp! Cuse me.
Do it again? Whack.
Burp (again)! - Whack

That is how we should treat politicians.
Everytime they open their mouth, Whack.


Its been a long time coming
Its been a long time going

You pass yourself along the trail

The lights are bright
The lights are dim

You adjust the power to no avail

Its time for a change
Its time to renew

The system did not fail

Poor losers is what we see
They don't know where to turn

Let them wail

The left is in disarray
Housecleaning is due now

Dump 'em all in the garbage pail !
jtp 9/13/2020


The shifting clump
Is predicting a slump
They and their ideas belong in a dump

Tearing down for their own gain
Constantly predicting rain
They're getting to be a pain

Predictions that have no weight
They do it with a face so straight
Get rid of them before its too late

Shut down the leftist strategy
Before it turns into a tragedy
Or it could become a catastrophe!
jtp 8/24/2020


Everyday in every way
The left keeps up the swing and sway

Instead of working for the people's good
The left prefers to keep chopping wood

The tricks they try to pull
Like children in grade school

It is time for the citizenry
To put an end to the left's chicanery

But, the left keeps acting like a clown
While Democracy's walls are crumbling down

One shenanigan leads to more
The people's needs they do ignore

Socialism has been proven not to work
Study some history you moronic jerk!
jtp 12/4/2020


Once the news presented made sense
Now you have to build a fence

The left has gone to far
Wow! An expensive brand new car

And now the time has come
To send them back where they came from

Take them out to the shed
For they are nothing but a bubblehead


Did you know
You can take two politicians
Stir in a dozen lawyers
Mix till well homoginzed
And you've got a recipe for

jtp 12/4/2000

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