..:: RHYMES 2 ::..


Arrogance - full of it, haughty
Is that why you are so naughty?

Life it seems, is your apple
People you try to constantly baffle

Your office in the dungeon it should assemble
You'll be closer to the one you resemble
jtp 10/1/2020

P Ccccc. . .

Political Correctness ness ness mess
Has turned America into a mess mess mess
jtp 10/31/2020


There once was a bunch of maroons
Who constantly acted like bufooons

The turned so far to the left
They became so bereft

When they spoke
It was a joke

Hippity bippity boo
On the right foot they put their left shoe
jtp 10/25/2020


Just like a merry-go-round
We hear the same old sound

The misinformation game
The feed us the sake ole same

People are wise to the left's antics
Now exposed the left panics

Still the left continues
Offering more unreliable venues
jtp 10/12/2020


A fact to make you aware
Something for you to share

Its creepy, creepy in DC
They don't want the world to see

Behind our backs
They go to task

Morons and money grubbers is what they are
We should boot them far, afar
jtp 4/11/2020


Diddle dum and Diddle dee
Look at what we see

Trying to convince the people
They are not seeking the steeple

Their false promices abound
Getting tired of their sound

Promises they don't intend to keep
Time to call the chimney sweep
jtp 10/28/2020


What do we hear
Tick, tock the sound is near

Time is running out
You have a growing snout

You dodge around
But, you will be found

Ticket, Tocket
You're on the docket
jtp 6/21/2018


It never ceases to amaze
This illegal immigrant craze

There seems to be a conundrum
Which the politicos pass off, ho hum

What part of illegal don't they understand?
jtp 9/18/2015


Twiddle dums and twiddle dees
What a pair of bumbling bees

Gee I wonder why it is
Politicians lost their fizz

Did someone say Kookamunga!
Slowly I turned, step by step . . .
jtp 12/2/2000


The time has come to have some fun
Get the politicians on the run

Though life is short
We have a retort

Fire all the politicians
And replace them with magicians
jtp 7/24/2017


Take a look
Who wrote the book

The book of lies
Without any ties

Hard to believe
Stories they concieve

No need for facts or truth
Their actions are uncouth

Outright lies they spread
No concern for cred

Time to stir the pot
Get rid of the whole lot
jtp 4/8/2017


Tickle trickle down they go
The left is putting on quite a show

Too bad they are not concerned
Eventually they will get burned

They have that daunting look
Appears they're really shook

They're beginning to look a little pale
Are they woried about going to jaii
jtp 3/19/2018


Bim bam bee
Kick 'em in the knee

Bim bam bass
Kick 'em in the ass

Maybe that is what needs to be done
To get the politicians on the run

Stop listening to their line of crap
Tie 'em down with a heavy strap

Stand up for your rights, it is your duty
Don't let them degrade you by acting snooty

Special privileges they don't need
America, take my heed
jtp 8/11/2018


Did you know
You can take two politicians
Stir in a dozen lawyers
Mix till well homoginzed
And you've got a recipe for

jtp 12/4/2000

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