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What the hell is wrong with this country - it is simple - the liberals have put in place a stupid as hell idea called political correctness, an idea that has become an obsession with many.

What a pain in the ass this liberal bent of the democratic party has put us in - a tailspin that is out of control and going further and further into the black hole of hell.

I believe we should have a crack down on the stupidity of what political correctness has become, a club to use in knocking down people, primarily white people, that borders on the actions of Hitler and Nazis in the 30s and early 40s.
jtp 5/30/2008


The leftist seeking the democratic presidential nomination have one problem. All the planks in their platform offer nothing positive for the citizens of America.

Mainly the left is concerned with regaining power and crippling America with their plans to raise taxes, add more ridiculius regulations and increasing their wealth. They have already amased millions from those seeking to influence them.

The left wants more at the expense of everyday wirking Americans. How to check this out.

Just compare the state of America before Trump became president. All past heads of state allowed America to become a weak sister to the rest of the world destroying the freedom enjoyed by American citizens.
jtp 9/9/2019


It is absolutely amazing the deep state has been able to operate with impunity for o many years withou anyone squealing on them.

One reason, the main reason, that comes to mind is that both parites participated and coveed up for each other!
jtp 10/1/2019


Just how many fools are there out in the world?

More than we would like to think about. How many times do we have to read about shootings at a college or high school before we start putting these crazies behind lock and key.

When someone is on medication and stops using it, the signs are usually eratic behavior. But, with the liberal bend of this country, we ignore these warning signs and let the individual continue to move about society instead of placing them in a secure location for their and our protection.


Although we have a political system that leans toward democratic representation, in actuallity what type of representation do we, as citizens really have?

Well, take a look, what do you see - a bunch of self-centered ego maniacs at the wheel. It is no wonder the U. S. is in the position it is in - toooooo much government. The time has come for the middle of the road members of society to kick out both extremes out of government - the left and the right!

Unless the people start to take back what has been usurped from them, the way of life in America will come to a screeching halt for which the common man will only have himself to blame.

What does it take for one to realize the extremes of the current crop of liberals

What does it take before the people understand the position of these leftist is an unworkable system. The USSR collapsed because the system could not provide for the majority of the populace, unlike the U.S. where we provide for a great majority of the people.

No, the democratic system in American is not perfect, but until you show me something better, I will have to say it is the best available.

Communism does not work because the human animal, whether he likes it or not, thrives on competition and communism does not provide for a competitive society (that is unless you are striving to be the leader)! And where do we place the liberal left on the scale between communism and democracy, right next to, if not on top of communism.

Where do we put the extreme right wingers on a chart of democracy and national fascism, right next to, if not on top of national fascism.

America must be tough and fair, not lean over backwards to please any small group that attempts to usurp the rights of all Americans. What does this mean, you ask. It means that no one individual is more worthy than another. It means all individuals have an equal chance to succeed. It means we do not hold down one group at the expense of another group.

And lastly, it means we consider history, but we do not accept responsibility for things we had no control over (suppression of women's rights and treatment of minorities are examples).
jtp 9/13/2019


You would think with all the negative news that has failed the socialist democrats would return to a normal agenda. Normal in the fact they would consider bringing forth positive ideas to benefit the citizenry.

However, that's a dream as the socialist don't care about the people. They only want to regain power no matter what the cost is to the citizens of America.

So far their surreptitious activities only accomplishment has put them in a downward spiral.

Check the real, proper executed polls and you will find a majority of the people are getting fed up with the left's action.
jtp 9/30/2019


We live in a age of treachery. Trust has been thrown out the window. If the left continues pursuing its present course, America will be a third-world country far behind the rest of the civilized world.

Is this what you, as an American wish to leave your children and grand-children? Should you have doubts about the results of the socialist agenda, then check out the condition in Venezuela.

After that get out your history books and study the results of past socialist regimes. The only ones that hold on to power did so by crushing decent, imprisoning or killing the opposition and maintaining concentration camps.

If you still have doubts check out life in China, North Korea and other socialist countries.
jtp 3/20/2019

With 20+ leftist candidates, we the citizens, are constantly bombarded with ludicrous leftist ideas that cannot be fulfilled without bankrupting the American democratic system of government.

Instead of coming up with ideas to better life in America they constantly throw out socialist ideas that history has shown are unsustainable.

Never has there been so many lame brains running for president.

It seems when people where lined up for brains, the left thought the announcement said trains so they stepped aside!
jtp 3/22/2019

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